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For the latest episode of Read Only Memory I wanted to do a tribute video to Ghosts N Goblins, one of my favorite video game series. It's a bit different from what I normally work on, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks!

edit: Wow, front page! No idea how long it's been there but I didn't expect this, thanks NG!

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Awesome stuff,

if Anybody is interested I've found a link to the music that's playing in the background of this vid

http://www.theoldcomputer.com/gamemus ic/index.php?folder=Nintendo/SNES/Dem ons%20Crest


Please make more movies like this.

I played that game just last year. way to make it look cool :)

awesome! 5Stars!!

Easily the best G'nG/Makaimura themed flash cartoon on here.

Wegra and Shock Dingo hit the nail on the head with their comments on this. Why didn't I get to see this when it was first released is just silly. Ok, enough talk...

When it comes down to the animation, you did a magnificent job on that department. It was fluid, well-drawn, and excellently timed. To be honest, I haven't seen your Shamoozal series, but this really shows that you've improved considerably. In addition, the backgrounds were magnificent with your usage of color and texture. In other words, it worked out perfectly.
In terms of music, this is one of those instances where nothing but actual game songs were the right choice. The final boss theme from Demon's Crest set the mood perfectly and clever use of the Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts theme was also nice. Kudos for not using voices in this since they weren't really needed.
Finally, the content of this piece has something that most front page submissions are lacking in these days: Sincere charm. It takes a delicate hand for someone synonymous with comedy to make something serious work; anyone else would have fucked up. The direction in this was up there with Stick Slayer and Keegan's Truck Chronicles ep. 1 in terms of staging, pace, choreography, and flow. You also get an added bonus for an underused subject. Honestly, I wish more people would do more obscure games rather than milk overdone material dry.

What was good:
-Underused subject
-Excellent direction
-Good audio selection
-Great animation with nice colors

What was bad:
-Nothing that I can think of

Overall: I think this deserves a ten, and hopefully people on here can learn something from this. (5/5)

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2012
11:30 AM EDT