Weapon of PWNage 15

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It's my one of my early forays into sprite animation - and I do hope you can enjoy it. Feedback is also always appreciated.

The notorious adventures of a misfit group, including a buff Pikachu (Buffachu) and a noble fat Link (Fat Rink). The group travels through different video game worlds and run across several adversaries in an attempt to find the Weapon of PWNage. The first step will be to acquire the Pieces of Douchebag to find further clues as to where to find this weapon. We started out in the world of Pokemon Yellow, Zelda DX, but where will our travellers head to next?

Thanks to YFM for letting me use their chorus!

If you want to see more, Tweezle and Cory are from the comics at theothersun.com and more cartoons at http://youtube.com/thenos emilk


It was a little too short, but it's still ok. I didn't really like it when it ended with the Pikachu just saying that the group needs to collect the pieces of douchebags. I just feel like that an episode of a series like this one, shouldn't end like that. But it's still ok.

Also to the person who hates Pokemon:
Why did you have to waste your time being a stupid troll by posting your comment that you hate Pokemon. No one wants to read or care about what you hate, just don't watch this video if you hate Pokemon so much.

not a great song but to the ass who hates pokemon dont watch pokemon things you dumbshit

i h8 pokemon

TheNoseMilk responds:

If you h8 pokemon then why you watching this?

This series has potential. I like the 8-bit factor and the artwork works well with the music. Would be better to see a clip of what's next at the end.

TheNoseMilk responds:

Thank you man =)

As brilliantly humorous as ever.

TheNoseMilk responds:

Thank you !

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Aug 6, 2012
1:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody