Demons and Pigs

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This is a short cartoon I made for the Max7 website. They gave me a selection of Bible verses to work from and this one from Luke 8:26-39 jumped out at me. They didn’t go for the modern clothing, so I took the gun and cap away from the pig farmer. I think Jesus needed jeans, though.


I'm sorry I'm reviewing this AFTER seeing your flash about the resurrection of Lazarus.
I like this one very much indeed, and actually I think the flash is even a tiny bit more fluid than the other one.
Very nice work indeed and, once again, keep up the good work.

I agree with Kmstarner, in my Bible it even says 'Legio' keeping it in the original Greek language, which indeed refers to a legion. Which is indeed a LOT. You probably used a somewhat new version. No biggie.

@FallOutFox: Yes it is, it certainly is. You should read the book it came from (the story) it's called the Bible. Which, might I add, is in my opinion the best book ever written. I advice you to start in the chapter Luke. Matthew, Markus and John is basically the same story, written from the perspective of another person.

I love this story, and Yes, it is IN the bible. The demons were forced into a herd of pigs, and the pigs killed themselves. The name was actually ' Legion' instead of " Lots". The townspeople were scared of jesus, and they begged him to leave. So he did.

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Was this a religion story...? Or what.

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Great drawings and colors. Though I'm confused that Jesus looks nothing like Jesus.

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Aug 6, 2012
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