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Stable Boy

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Thanks so much for the front page and all the kind reviews you've been sending in! Many of you have been stuck at a few key places/can't find certain items so I included some hints (spoilers) at the end of these notes. Hooray for Newgrounds!

Controls: Mouse to move, A to use your weapon/tool and S to open your stash.

Story: Your village is sacked and you're the person who's going to figure out what happened! Talk to villagers and run around aimlessly and eventually you'll find your way to one of the multiple endings.

Everything else: This is a small project I made with the desire to do some pixel art and have some fun with new game mechanics. I don't include very much direction in the game because I want players to explore as much as possible, even if that means getting pissed when a wolf comes up to you and eats your face. Music was done by my friend Jessie Landis-Eigsti, so hip hip hooray for him!

****** Hints and Spoilers *****

The Lute (5th Token):
Hidden (quite hidden) somewhere on the southern section of the map. It is not in a cave and you don't have to kill anything to get it.

Slaying the Dragon (4th Ending):
You need the 5 tokens before you're in shape to slay the Dragon.

Second Ending:
This ending is a bit of a spoof, when you get to the horse, don't catch it with the Lasso. Try something else...

The Butterfly:
It's just a butterfly.

Send me a message if there are other places you get stuck! Thanks again for the reviews, you guys are so awesome.

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I like the game. It's a little tough to control, but it's got nice challenge and makes you think.

However... I think I'm actually soft-locked. My stick and string first became a bow, which I eventually used to kill everything. I still need to make the fishing pole, which I know is supposed to be done through trading, but no one wants the things I have.

Inventory: Cabbage, shovel, bow, lasso, poop hand, 4 tokens, lute, and the dead Butternuts.
Endings: Everything except Butterfly and Dragon.

There is no wizard, and I can't work my way up to a sickle, so I can't interact with any of the plants that would allow me to progress. I've spoken to every NPC multiple times, I have a lute that an NPC hasn't spawned for, and I wasted a lot of my time walking around to be sure I'm actually stuck.

I watched a gameplay video and they're getting results I'm not, but they chose to get the fishing pole first so that's why I think I'm stuck. That's also why I know I'm missing key characters they have access to after doing most of the same steps with a different order.

does everything eat your face.
I like

Hilarious stuff nice job on this one

Nice game it was dumb and quite funny at the same time, my face has been eaten countless time.

I just don't get what the fire badge does... but apart from this I pretty much ended the game every way possible.
Thanks for this game.

Great time waster I wish it was longer, I liked the story

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2012
7:17 PM EDT