Challenger Ball

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Challenger Ball is a simple isometric puzzle game, the aim of which is to guide the ball safely to the target by replacing the blocks within the level.
Green Blocks can be destroyed / placed and are effected by gravity
Gold Blocks are stationary
Hold down on a green block to destroy it and add it to your inventory
click on a block in the inventory to select it, click again to rotate it, then click ontop of a block on the map to place it.


would have been amazing if you added an option to make your own level and submit it for others to try.

This Game is awesome! :) I like it :D It is too easy for too long, after the first 5 or so, you should ramp up the hardness factor.

Not bad, but needs work. It would be nice to not have to remove some blocks just to see behind them to place blocks. Game is too easy. Also, level 18 is bugged.

This is a really decent puzzle game, definitely look at porting this to tablets and smartphones! The only thing I'd say is have an option to turn the music off, as well as normalising the music volumes.

Overall, a nice simple game with good music. It's somewhat fun, and doesn't get boring TOO quick. I didn't play through it all, but it isn't bad. One complaint would be kind of with the music, it's good music, but at the beginning when you beat a level within seconds, it changes all a bit to quick, with the good in-game music then to the "score-page" music and then to the menu music is a little bit weird, but overall as I said a nice simple game which isn't to hard.

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3.04 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2012
2:10 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other