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invasion of the red dot

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I made this to brush up my flash. Use the arrow keys to move and space to pause/unpause. The red number is the score and the green are your lives.

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Great music but the game is too simple. Without the music I would've given it 2 stars.

Nice game :D Needs better graphics :D

ok humm me and my friends took turns playing this and we have come to this . This game is clearly one of your first very basic so imma give you a cuple tips hopefully you take them . make it upgradeable like time slower are some thing that raises your speed perhaps something that makes it for a short peroid of time not be able to teleport through walls and only bounce around and or it splits it in to two or three smaller red balls humm its a cool idea and i hope you take this into consideration Thanks , Anunakki

Noting too good or oringinal, but fun none the less. Gets really hard in later levels, plus that extra life per 10 levels is great. 4 green dots for you.