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Superman vs Hulk

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Author Comments

Just a quick flash 8 mouse drawn cartoon, that aims to end a stupid debate on who would win the fight. Even though i am a huge superman fan this fight was intended to bring forth laughter.

Lastly people have been ruling out superman and i plan to let the big guy earn back his respect. lol build this in one day 9 hours

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love this and the hulk could not even manage to hurt superman in the first place, his power gets back low after he become exhausted and if hulk should exert himself by becoming angry , he will have a gamma burst killing himself. Hulk is such a loser.

Very good, has anybody really liked the hulk so i'm glad superman won, good video

Rojay101 responds:

thank you and to be honest i did research before i did it. i was just being objective and my intention was relay to create a joke surrounding the possibilities of the fight. so again thanks for voting

i admire your work, you were the same person who made Rojay the legend of the Dragons which i think is great, i have read your authors reports and i know the challenges that you face. So i strongly believe that you are amazing and on top of that many of the people here have drwing tablets, lessons, a working cast, studio for animation and other enhancements. For you to do this in that time frame with a simple optical mouse you are a genus.

As for the animation it can have improvements, the audio needs work but the story is great, the explanation was not necessary because Hulk can never ever hurt superman. I am no fan of either toon but facts is facts i have seen Storm from x-men kill the hulk, i have seen the comics & in three edition superman pulverize hulk and left his face stuffed with rubble for break fast and in one of them the hulk was beaten so bad by superman to the point where he was knocked unconscious and superman did not have a scratch.

The colours were good, the coordination of gimmicks was good i enjoyed it.. it made me laugh especially when hulk pick up some punches in his green ugly face hahaha haha and when he landed on his face as banner the sound was funny splak! like a dumb rag doll hahaha i am going to give you an offer where i will show case your work on my channel. we will talk keep up the good work.

Rojay101 responds:

ok thank you for voting

I didn't get that explantion.

If anything this would be a stalemate. Both Hulk and Superman nearly invincible and can not be killed by any normal means which they could pull off. The obvious end to this is a stalemate which superman ends up unconscious and the hulk back unconscious in his human self.

This battle in itself wasn't good at all and wouldn't of been the outcome. Obviously Hulk would be too strong for the freeze ray to leave him in a state which would shatter him like that. That would lead to them both using brute strength which would end as stated earlier. Getting back to the review the voice was done poorly and same goes for the animation, not to mention repeating the same punching animation frames over and over always dulls a performance. Also I just didn't find it all that funny.

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2012
8:07 PM EDT