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Flood Runner 4

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The fourth in its series. Flood Runner 4 is bigger and better than ever before. Run jump and glide, while avoiding obstacles.

There is an auto upgrade feature. The more you play the more you unlock and the more things you can do.

There are 30 levels of upgrading all of which is automated. The more experience you earn the more levels you will unlock. You will unlock dragons, panthers and more.

**Game Updated: 4 Aug 2012
Controls default to Keyboard now.
The scuba gear works underwater with a mouse. Character follows mouse cursor and exits underwater.
The combo keys that were being hidden was from the plants. The keys combos now appear over bugs and land.

**Game Update: 6 Aug 2012
In-game lag should be reduced. Key Combos are fixed for the plant.

*If you still lag, you can change quality from the Title Screen.
Lag seems to be happening mostly with the Newgrounds version. Players in Kongregate and other sites don't have so many lag complaints. We are looking into it.

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so fun

This looks like a bigger version of Flood Runner 3 made out of notion that if one made it bigger, it would be just as more awesome. It actually turned out monotonous and boring. And what is even more disappionting, you cannot rely on your gaming skills now as there are now things that strike you just as you pass by. The controls are now sensibly less responsive, which adds to the odds of landing on something that hurts. And last but not the least, the achievements have become pointless. If in FR3 one really had to survive a long run in order to get something to gold, now it boiled down to just replaying the games until infinity. You don't expect anybody to kill 800 similar monsters in one run, do you? Or kill 40 similar giant mosters, although we all know that to kill five in one run was a serious achievement in FR3? By the way, these figures are thresholds for silver, not gold. To summarize, this game is way too big and dull. Whatever, nobody will really read this review 5 years down.

Another great game in the series! I've already played flood runners 2 and 3. For me this one isn't really that different from 3. The only difference is the addition of another layer(which is the area with the dinosour). Again, we need to NG medals for this game. After a players hard work of getting a high score and achievements, the medals are needed.

Unfortunately, I dislike having to unlock the abilities using EXP. But I do like the challenge of it. I prefer the third game where you get all the power ups from the start.

It's good... But having to unlock the abilities is kind of downgrading the game from FR3. This makes the game like it should have been Flood Runner 3 instead of Flood Runner 4 and Flood Runner 3 should have been Flood Runner 4 if you get what i'm saying. Flood Runner 3 is the best in the series.

well i've been playing this game for a while now and tried all the cheats that come after level 30. infinite surf and infinite flying just takes out the fun. panther at the start is cool, but almost useless in comparison to other cheats. infinite panthers would be on the same level as the others. and the doubled speed just makes the main problem of the game an even bigger one. at one point you can just hold down the left mouse button and only rarely need to do other things like the key combos and once in a while you need to get a health pack which if recall correctly are on the middle levels.
2 questions: why no newgrounds-achievements and why are some of the gold medals so easy while most seem impossible to make? the cheats can help with some, for example if you get infinite flying you can just spam the jump button to fly straight towards the sky to get electrocuted like 20 times until you die and redo the whole thing. but 200 banana-slips for silver? oh my. that's gonna take a while.
second: how do i get the lifesavers? they just seem to load while playing, since i can get quite a lot of them even when starting with 0 and having a maximum of 3 at a time.
another thing: i guess the mega-combo-attack is fully random? and am i right that it also picks up everything on the screen?
one thing you should make better is the color and size of the panther when you didn't take it yet. it's so hard to make out and it doesn't even make any sense that it changes size after you took it. the dragon doesn't change in size either.
all in all a 4.5 stars game, but the longer i'm playing this the less i'm willing to give. so 3.5 out of 5.