-The jar-

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My first work being uploaded in NG and my first try into 3D animation, this short was more of an experiment that anything else, and also it was my animation test for the college. This work was also really exhausted not only for the deadline, also because I was trying to do things that I have never try before, It was painfull but at the end it really pay off.

I know by far that this is not perfect and that's the reason why I'm uploading it, I want to show it to NG and know how good or bat it is, I would apreaciate any comment for the sake of improving my work and I hope to upload more in the future.

Also, special thanks for Mr TomFulp to giving me acces to the MP4 uploader so I can post this. Thanks dude, you're awesome.

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Wow this is really good looking. I think you have a knack for this.

Were are you from.. my first question haha :) Anyway I liked it. Though the arms did seem to get abnormally huge, as below me said :3 other then that I liked it for a short film :D

Love the style by the way! Remidns me of windwaker.

Really good. A couple of times though I noticed that the girl/whitealienthing's arms were abnormally huge [1:40]. Other than that, amazing animation, I'd like to see more by you since I'm so intrigued by how your brain thinks. And I might add, for your first 3D animation, this is phenomenal! I think you really have a talent for this and should keep it up!

Very nicely done. The animation style is intriguing and the story is simple and humorous. Great use of visual effects, I was really getting into this. I think my only problem is that the physics could be a little smoother, but I got nothing else.

Good work, and thank you!

Very well done! Original creatures, well drawn 3D animations and nice music. A little critique on the movements though, the creatures did move a bit slowly and weird. It's no wonder he fell off his chair. But as a Human Movement Scientist, I know how complicated movements are, so I won't fault you for that. (Maybe if you go on with 3D modeling, you could use motion capture systems or something like that, they're not as expensive as they used to I hear) Cheers!