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Angry Flasher 2

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Sequel of one of the best ShitHourGames.

Angry Flasher returns for new strike!

Help him to improve his erection.

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ShitHourGames responds:

we love you too m8

Very funny game. Took awhile to get use to it but I thought it was really creative :) Good job!

cool game... should've been under adult though.

Hummm... I would say crazy.

I definitively think that It would be better if you make a game once a week/month, with more options/fun/gameplay, then some shit in one day.

The fact that this is your best game is concerning.
Why do you make a shitty game everyday when you could make a decent one every once in awhile? I'm pretty sure everyone who has suffered through one of your games would appreciate the latter.
Anyways, this game is fine I guess. I mean besides the dumb concept...it's playable.