HK Mobs

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This did indeed have little point. It's still interesting to see what games were like back in 1999. I mean, it was just the same stuff over and over. It got a little hard. The animation doesn't hold up. I guess I was confused by the sex.

There was no point and it wasn't even graphic. Well, there has to be sex of some kind here, it's the Internet! I guess it was fine for its age. Wow, something on the Internet 17 years old!

This wasn't so bad after all! I was expecting worse from the reviews, but it turned out to be a fun adventure, abeit monotone. The cutscens are entertaining, though a bit plotless, and the fighting system is just click and cut, simple fun! A bit hard toward the end, but overall... fun. As for the main character, Flash, I wonder if it has to do with the format? Either way, nice game!


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Good: Well, there was a story lol
Bad: Repetitive, click-smashing boring game, thats all, pretty disappointing, atrocious ending, no sense of satisfaction.
Overall: A bad game with few redeemable qualities (well only one :P)

Yea this was bad...

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BEAT IT :D there are about 5 guys then you fight big nose ^_^ i killed him yay

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1.91 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2000
3:35 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS