Yoshi's Crazy Island ep.1

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I Know some people have been waiting for more Luigi's world, but I decided to work on it later. This came fresh in my mind. THIS IS NOT AS SHORT AS Luigi's World! I hope you enjoy this video. Rate. Share. And post a comment. Thanks.

NOTE: I need a rating of 3.5 stars if you want a collab parody...


Thanks I reached it!

[EDIT] 9/9/12
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StevetheSnake responds:

uhh... what?

Nice job.

Just felt there wasnt enough content to entertain me enough. The jokes, and punchlines were to slow to get to the point.

StevetheSnake responds:

This was more one of those quick-projects, but thanks for sharing.

Not bad. Good ol' Yoshi.. The only thing that kinda confused me was that Yoshi never got banged up at all, like no "stars" or anything. Plus I would have like to see the look on Yoshi's face when the eggs hatched. Minus the looped sounds, Solid OK!

Boring and relentless, You should have used more sprite backgrounds, and your delivery always off. You did proove you can animated sequences, just take more time in the layout and storyboarding departments. I love yoshi island flash, but this is just too misdirected and all over the place to enjoy a second time.

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StevetheSnake responds:

Thanks for telling me, but at the time I only had limited sprites. Besides I only made this in 4 days.
I could do better. :) (Too excited to post it.)

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3.67 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2012
2:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody