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LL - Catastrophy

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Author Comments

Hello, everyone. It's been awhile since I've done anything at all.

So just recently the LL forums completely fucked up for some reason. Nobody is able to post and no one knows why, but the staff is still workin' on fixin' it. In the meantime, I made this out of boredom. So here ya go. Please vote five. <3

PS: The voice acting was meant to be retarded. ;)

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I'm gonna fucking kill you.

My favorite part. And you're right. You do sound retarded. :p

RedBartlettLock responds:

Good to see you again, ol' chap!

Hah and thanks, I guess?

Very good! You're animations are getting better and better, the drawings are improving greatly too. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

RedBartlettLock responds:

STALKER! It's been so long! :) Thanks, man. I really appreciate it. I'm back at LL HQ so expect more!