Megaman X :Nighmares

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X finds his self sent off to the ice caverns were he will soon run into someone he knows but under unfriendly circumstanes. confused and desparate for the truth in all this he begins to track who he believes is his brother zero.

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I don't think it's that that bad.I respect your effort too.I think we're some what in the same boat I have Vectorian Giotto but ehhh.I don't know if thats what you used for this.But yeah everything was pretty much said in SS4FlameAlchemist's review

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not gonna lie, it's pretty bad. But with a little work, you could do well. Nightmare Zero is one of my favorite villains and a series like this looks interesting.

1. The characters are far too small. You need to resize the characters to match the backgrounds you used.
2. Mixing handdrawn effects and sprited effects looks horrible. Try to stick to sprited effects
3. The text boxes are too small and disappear too fast. They also look horrible. Since it's megaman x, they should be at the bottom of the screen or top to fit the style. This was the biggest problem with the movie.
4. Be careful mixing styles of sprites. You have to have an eye for it. I hope there's a purpose for the Megaman Zero sprites being there. Usually style mixing is okay sometimes if you know how to mix the styles right.
5. The movement is horrible. It's extremely choppy and unnatural.
6. The story needs work. People seemed to randomly show up, with no explanation. "dr. light brought me back"? That was awful attempt and explaining. try to put some real thought into it. try to use some plot to develop the characters.

Fix this stuff and you could make this series pretty awesome. I will be watching you.

Jrokk18 responds:

well this was made before i actually had flash. i made it in artoonix so yea the sprite ing and all those other extra things i can add in flash....i cant do it so yea. i got a flash trial now but i dont know how to do shit in it and no ones willing to help me out. so its slow progression. but thanks for the advice much appreciated for fututre flashes. :D

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Jul 20, 2012
7:27 AM EDT