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Edbutt and Bella

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Edbutt begins to explain his feelings for Bella, but her cold heart is to hard for him to bear. Although her hardly beating heart is cold and dense, it's not nearly as dense as the blade of Abraham Lincoln's (FAG SLAYER) ax head.


hahahahah too funny XD

The censor bars were the best part, undeniably. And Bella was so acurately portrayed! 8D~

The only qualm was the overuse of "faggot". D: For your information, neither cigarettes, kindling, nor even fabulous gay men are as ridiculous as Cullen and his clan of sparkly abominations.

I love your style man, you put lots of effort into this. There are tons of times when I think some inbetweens could make it better, but if you look at my animations I can't really talk haha.

Anyway, my only true gripe is the lack of a load/replay button. You should update and implement them C:

Great job!

hate that crap of movie , and hate that crap of people who see it xD

lul wut

Jawnduss responds:

glad you enjoyed it.
i have other video's on my YouTube page which you can find on my profile.

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Jul 18, 2012
4:57 PM EDT