Short Stickfight

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First stickfight I've made. It turned out OK but it's a bit short...


I'm not a very big fan of stick fights but I gotta hand it to you. This was well choreographed and the end was funny.

KodexAnimations responds:


First stick fight, not bad but only rated for the being of its to short. I liked though ^_^. should elaborate on the swag and have him pick up some chicks to after.(make him fight for the chicks though) ha fun stuff.

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KodexAnimations responds:

I'm making a longer one :)

I llke it. I love the effort you put into the fight scenes. You need to get better music, better storylines, and longer fights. You did a great job for your fist try

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KodexAnimations responds:

Thanks, much appreciated...

Looks like you did this all frame-by-frame, and I applaud you for the effort it takes to do that.

Next time, though, pace it better. Use a stopwatch if you have one or go online, then time yourself throwing a punch. Time yourself taking said punch. Time everything. Flash's timeline shows you what time is at what frame, so see if you can get your timing down. At 24 frames per second, it takes me 12 frames and half a second to throw a quick punch. However, such a punch is light. In a fighting game, that would be your light attack.

Taking the punch example, draw your guy in whatever stance he's using. At frame 12, create a keyframe with his arm fully extended. Then go back and animate your in-betweens. Now do this for the entire animation.

Note: I was trained in 3D animation, not 2D. Flash may be a bit different and you may want to discard this advice if there's someone more qualified telling you differently.

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KodexAnimations responds:

Good advice but a bit too complicated for a beginner like me

Not bad at all! For a first stickfight, it's good, and it shows a lot of promise! Keep it up Kodex!

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KodexAnimations responds:

Thanks, really appreciate it :)

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Jul 15, 2012
1:21 PM EDT