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hey what's up nerds, this is an old classic I made when I was 15

how about that huh? well never mind that, it's a relic of the past and I cherish it greatly

ancient tablets will depict this very flash cartoon and everyone will hate it

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so true

At the core, I believe this is a good animation, all it needs is the minor improvements one can read about in the many reviews below mine. All in all, I liked this, and hope to see the concept re-done.

dontknowbinary responds:

Thanks! I will of course remake it :)

Yeah, I wasn't too happy with most things. But once I re-buy Flash or something, I'll be sure to release it again, and put it on YouTube too. Yay :3

Voice acting could have been better. Even when you have a shitty microphone you can still get some more quality by carefully recording and using filters/volume adjustment, even using free tools like Audacity.
Like sweet21 already noted, the characters should not be transparent.
All in all it feels kind of cheap and the punchline doesn't really get through because of all the little annoyances.

dontknowbinary responds:

I would like you to read the comments :/

I have said that I didn't intend on too much time being put onto this. I do appreciate the review though :)

Again, I will remake it, voice acting, animation, the jokes, everything, as soon as Adobe doesn't rip me off.

Wasn't very well done. Ther voice acting alone is very sub par. The joke, overdone, and all the characters are transparent. If you wanted to fix that all you had to do was fill the character with white, keeping the 'paper' look I assume you were trying to achieve, while keeping the characters solid.
Good first try, you show potential.

dontknowbinary responds:

Hey man. Thanks for the review! Yeah, Flash had one launch till it actually went down the drain, so this was done in an hour. I wanted to release it because I have been complaining about my shitty animating to someone to the point where they MADE me make an animation. I didn't want to disappoint. The voice acting? I thought that... okay. I will remake this though, WHEN Adobe doesn't rip me off.

Again, thanks for the review :3

PS: The transparent characters were meant to be done, when the final product was done, I regretted it. But at the time, Flash was already closed down :c

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3.00 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2012
7:21 PM EDT
Comedy - Original