Just an Average Daydream

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This interactive animation was made for the multimedia project This Book's All Lies. The story here is an example of daydreams I would often have about the girl I liked when i was 12-14. [This is a resubmission because I mistakenly placed it in the games category]


I really liked what you were going for here, but I thought the monologue was a little trite. Lots of nice little touches here. I would have liked to see more relevant stuff happening in the squares. Also, sound quality was not great.

It's a very sweet story, but the interactive part of this flash was a little confusing. The vocals need to be a little cleaner/louder. Music, not so much. Needs to be a toned down a little. other than that, nice work.

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im in tears. great job. it softens my heart what youve done here. it reminds me a little bit of my past experiances. i cant say enough what this means to me. its so descriptive. are you an author perhaps. i think its the ending that was the best/worst. a damn good flash

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If the first one you submitted was in the wrong category, you ask Wade to delete it. It also might be a good idea to say in the description that this was resubmitted, because I thought this was stolen for a couple minutes. Anyway, I'll give this the same score I did for the other one.

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pzimmerman responds:

Thanks for the tip! Just messaged Wade.

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2.77 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2012
12:55 AM EDT