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A total chick magnet recalls an experience at the DMV

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why do you not have more views!

That was hilarious. It really was.

But the mic sort of echoed.

Starktoons responds:

Woohoo! Glad you liked it

Non-believeable. Did you let out a hot fart onto my crotch? I would be creeped out and probably leave the dmv.

Starktoons responds:


It was funny. I didn't like the... on wall part, but who would unless you got drunk, right? XD
You need to be drunk or something for that part, lol.
Also, the background should've been a stage for sure, man. That echo you used would've been perfect with the guy standing up on a small stage.

Starktoons responds:


Decent, keep 'em coming XD

Starktoons responds: