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TOME: Nylocke's Day Off

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Animated by Chris Niosi
Music by Weston Durant
Background Artwork by Dave Smith, Jourdan Lasko and Terrence Lepinski
Voices by Martin Billany, Anthony Sardinha and Steven Kelly.

A story all about the #1 voted most-popular character in TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise...NNNYLOCKE! MASTER OF HAVING HIS OWN ANIMATED SHORT! One day, while patrolling around ;Lavendera on his own, Nylocke is approached by Demonking, who seeks aid from our hero against a bold new enemy...the sinister Serpentine! Can our hero triumph over evil once again?

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That kind of "secret power" is the best kind that I know! This is inspirational & yes Nylock is awesome

lol Nylock exaggerates too much lol thst is his secret power ?)

So wait. Why is he not named simdragon?

*fallsover in a gigglefit* H-he...he... he sounds like Tim Curry!!!!! xD

Who did the badguy? Was it Martin? Whoever it was did a nearly FLAWLESS impression of Tim Curry!


Well,it was certainly interesting to see Nylocke going solo for once.I was surprised that you reintroduced Simdragon in a side story and as just a troublemaker instead of second-in-command of the D-Bug Org.I'm curious about what your new plans for him are,along with Demonking.An entertaining piece from Nylocke's own escapades.