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A Practice Animation I made before "The Lions Blaze" I completed it a week after by just doing the back flip and wave.... Hope you enjoy this little animation, even though it has no speech... Please post any suggestions for Animations below XD


that vid is amazing keep up the work of your anamins :D

Jatha responds:

What are anamins? Are those some kind of mints? I'll have to use them in an animation sometime lolz :P

Folks, give this guy a hand for making a 3d minecraft vid! MC Steve: But isnt a hand supposed to have fingers? Cuz i dont have fingers. Shark: And i dont even have hands. Me: Oh shut up i was talking to the fans!

Jatha responds:

Minecraftians have no fingers.... Which is really weird but whatever its part of the game itself.... XD and the Shark got owned noone cares about him LOLZ, and thanks for your comment ben998 *If you want we could collaborate for a vid just PM me*

Heck yeah! First time seeing a 3D minecraft video on NewG.

Jatha responds:

Thanks XD I've just managed to get the Minecraft Rig to look the way it's supposed to :D

good animation for a test but it really needs sound also it was a bit slow at parts

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Jatha responds:

Yeahhhh I was trying some slow-mo effects, but I obviously frogot to zoom in on some lol

short but..AMAZING!!!

Jatha responds:

No You're Amazing XD

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Jun 28, 2012
5:26 PM EDT