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hoho, fast shot, First full body :D


OK, you obviously know what you're doing (except for shooting a deer, you don't shoot its head lol) but you should seriously take your time with your animation. Make it really with the views time. Good job anyway!

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The smoothness was good enough, but I feel like there wasn't that much effort put into the artwork. As well as being kinda short, the movie felt just a little off somehow.

The animation is pretty correct and it's a good start but it can be better. First, try making better draw. For example, your deer. Erase the top of the leg so it more look like a real one not a paper on. Animate more thing, like the deer to blink is eye or his knee when he moving. With that he will like a little bit more real. When the hunter kill the deer. The corps of the deer should fall on the ground when the head is cut off of his bodies. Face to face the ear of the deer is correct but side, I think you can do better than that. At the start when we see the hunter arm's the blood seem to fall close to the fire. It should falling more close of foot.
I know that all that is detail but every detail count.
Try to work on that and everything should be better.

prozure responds:

It's hard to draw well with mouse... It was my first full body well, I don't have tablet yet. Still thanks for commenting :)

I'm digging this. I give you 4 stars.

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2.19 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2012
10:15 AM EDT