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Heya kiddies. Ok first of all I will let you know that there isn't any action in this installment just a lot of talking :P
I like to develop the story a bit before it gets to the fun part.
there will be some action in the next installment and alot of action in the one after that :)

Hazelin is acting abit like a school girl here but he knows all too well that Drow can be dangerous. He wants to know where he stands with the mysterious Xullrae.

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The animation here is beautiful and with voices, it's better than the previous, shorter version.

I like it, the characters are interesting and the animation is smooth. The dialogue is a bit cheesy though and sometimes the lips were out of sync with the audio. But it definitely has my interest, would love to see more.

littlegoblet responds:

thanxs buddy. ya know at times I felt that the animation was very heavy and could see alot of lagging happening. I think it made it abit hard for me to try and sync the lines perfectly. but in the next installment I will be animating around the voice instead of trying to match the voice with the animation. thanx for your insights I really appreciate it.

Interesting series so far, animation and background are impressive, though movement can be slightly laggy; it's very easy to forgive given that everything else is so good. Just keep tweaking it as you go, and I'm certain this will turn out amazing.

littlegoblet responds:

thanks for that buddy. Yeah I know my animations can be quite heavy at times. Frustrated me quite alot too. Even crashed on me a few times lol.

I think I may have to make the installments smaller in future so that the file size isn't so big.
Thanks for the comment buddy means alot :D

i've seen both episodes now. the animation is gradually improving, and the mic quality isn't shit this time. however, the voice acting and the style of the story suffers due to the excessive amount of TV cliches. honestly, it's like you stole all of the lamest lines from every source of media. it's just so cheesy!

littlegoblet responds:

lol really. It could be too that Im just a cheesy person and didn't even realize my dialogs where so cheesy. But this is definitely something I will ponder on when making other stories. so thanks for your insights buddy means alot to see how other see it.

This stirs a sense of suspense and great interest within me. I cannot help but wonder where this is going. Definitely a passing score to help further the progress of your works so that I may delve deeper into this enticing fantasy world. ^^

littlegoblet responds:

thanx for the encouraging comment buddy. I really appreciate it. I hope I can keep it interesting for people and not make it too cheesy lol

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4.54 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2012
4:57 AM EDT