War of 1812 RANDOM!

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It's a short flash animation i worked on with my friend at school, i'm michael but bohan did most of the work XD! yes i do relize this sucks and that Thankyou was spelled like that. I will be uploading a better selfmade viedo soon!

Yes i do relize this is not the war of 1812, made a goof on my part XD!


The animation was poor but the effort was good. You made a good try at it... There is only one problem... You have the wrong war... You are animating the American Revolution (not in full I might add) and not the war of 1812. The war of 1812 was created by President Madison who was upset at the British boarding American ships to and from France who Britain was at war with. He also was looking to build national pride as Colonists were in some areas upset over how things had gone. It was a poor attempt to gain favor and in the end America lost it once Napoleon was defeated and British reinforcements arrived in British North America (Canada). Despite that, the Americans and British (Canadians) became close allies vowing never to war again.

Good try. I like the music. I only hope your teacher did not notice that you wrote War of 1812 and watched it for what it was. Would have been nice if you had put more into it including Washington crossing the Delaware or other great events of the American Revolution.

Well thanks alot, I used this as a study guide and I failed US history again. jerk.

^kidding, but in seriousness it was ok, maybe you could add a preloader and better animation?

DungeonFighterItachi responds:

lol, well yea srry about ur US history, now about that preloader i have no idea how to XD, and about the animation i didn't do that! my partner bohan did i just told him about my ideas, oh and i'm posting/posted new flash veidos that are much better!

You do realize this is the American Revolutionary War and not the War of 1812, right?

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