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Path of Maple - Ep.2 (En)

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Edit: Corrected a lot of gramatical problems! Thanks to moe606

After one year and a couple of months of lazyness, study-for-the-exams-ness and general other-things-to-do-ness, I'm finally back with a new episode! I even wonder if anyone here even remembers me, or the first episode...

Anyways... The first episode can be seen here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/564784

And if you are interested, you can see the portuguese version here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/597871

Like in the last episode, to advance the dialogue you need to press the <space> button.

Oh well... Finally, the so (not) spected continuation is here! In this episode, we continue with the stories of Galleom, Eusine and Alex!

Galleom goes after his lost lucky stars, together with his new friends, Idas and Jeff!

Meanwhile, Eusine is helped after falling from Ludibrium by the Ares brothers.

And by last, but also by first, Alex gets an unenspected help from a misterious man with an afro! What Balrog intends to do? Will Gofro save Angie? Will Alex overcome his fear? Do you like pie? I like!

Oh yeah, and also, as a side game, can you get all the shout outs?

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nice anime,like the first one.and is the final part music from showa town hideout the place where the male boss is present at in maplestory?

Episode 2!
Took long for you to finish and for me to review it!
Anyways, thanks for putting me in the credits for helping you in the translation!

The animation is fluid, the references are nice and has less humour than the last one, but it sometimes is even funnier than the last one

YEAH! Finnaly the episode 2! It tooks so long, don't you think?

The references aren't too hard to find... How don't know Pokémon or Zelda?

But there's a reference to my old fan fic of Magic Bananas! Lol!

When I looked at it at first it seemed to be one of those low end animations you see. After closer examination I found your animation to have a nice plot line, good clean humor, good referencing to some popular games, good usage of sprites, and awesome music/ sound effects! Awesome job you three! Can't wait for the third!

HAH this is soo funny nice job man,I love it XD