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Resident Evil Parody Pt.1

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Author Comments

NEXT PART: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/601195

After almost 2 months sitted in a chair animating this shit. Finally, I was able to release the first part of my Resident Evil Parody. Don't be shy, rate and comment. Please, I've put a lot of effort in this.

Drawings Base:
Resident Evil Games Concept Art

Sound Effects:
Resident Evil Games

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (Instrumental)
Resident Evil Games

Reference Paintings:
Fatal Frame Games
Tsukiko Amano

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Nice job, it has been a while since I have seen a person with close art resemblance to that of shadowleggy since back in '07. Quite actually you have surpassed her standards, well done! Hope to see a sequel soon.

alinhoalisson responds:

Surpassing the original? Never!
Her graphics have more details than mines (at least on her newer videos).

And yeah, there will be a sequel.

This is fairly good actually, liking the amount of detail you put into the characters and their art style is pretty easy on the eyes, only thing I'd say is perhaps spend a little more time on the backgrounds and other objects.

The animation is a little wooden and definitely needs to be made more fluid (especially the running), but thats to be expected, no one starts out as a pro. Also the humor wasn't too bad, I've seen alot of resident evil parodies now and they all tend to end up doing the same thing in terms of Barry's character, but that scene with the clock in the dining room actually made me laugh out loud.

All in all, this is better than alot of the other parodies I've seen, especially for your first full length piece. If you fine tune the animation and art style you could probably make some pretty awesome movies.

alinhoalisson responds:

Well, I don't take things really serious. I don't wanna be famous, professional or anything.
Just to make fun of things.

I spent 2 months animating this, it's not meant to be the most amazing animation of the world.
Just a quick animation making fun of RE. That's all. Still, my subscribers on YouTube said that they liked my simple animation, it gives a more "home-made" feeling, making it even funnier.

That was incredibly well done, i'm looking forward to part 2, this was great comedy,
Animation was nothing special, but i was having so much fun watching it anyway.
Good job.

alinhoalisson responds:

I'm glad you liked it.

LOLZ love your sense of humor. Are those voices from the game or voicovers?

alinhoalisson responds:

From the original PSX game.

Ok, THAT was darn funneh! XD

Great job. Loved the piano. :)

alinhoalisson responds:

Oh, thanks!