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Hi all

I made this flash because i wanted to improve my flash skils.
And wel this was the result.

Pleas put your feadback on.


To be honest, I do not know you well but I think its somewhat improve, so I word say keep up the work ok.

Good Job but.. try to learn frame by frame animation. That usualy looks a lot better and it's not really necessary to learn tweening when you know other animation techniques. :s

p.s. where are the credits? Did you really make the music as well?
You should make some credits and work with a replay screen if you ask me.

I don't particular like the concept, walk cycles through day and night loops are overdone and not particulary interesting. The music was over the top and made me cringe a bit, and you didn't credit it either. Always credit music used!
The animation is quite nice and the walk cycle looks nice and relaxed though he's walking with his palms facing backwards like a neanderthal and i don't think anybody really does that. You should have his palms facing his body to make it look a little more natural. I don't like your art style, the block colours are very dull and the sharp outlines and blocky shapes look too sterile. That's just a personal preference though and it certainly looks clean/proffesional even though i dislike it. I think the musical symbols hovering around his head should have been more transparent as they sort of stuck out and blocked some of the scenery.
I was going to say you should have had some lighting effects and overlays but you used to introduce them a little later on in that dark blueish scene. Some shadows could have made it seem a little more 3d as it all felt a little flat, as though it were 2d planes layered behind each other.
It's definitely not a bad flash and i think if you put the skills you've gained in making this into an animation with a plot and a better concept you could produce something really nice. Good luck!

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TeddyKickas responds:

Thx for your comment.

To be honnes this is actualy my first flash that I public.
And for that I realy appriciate your comment it wil come in handy for the future.

I liked the music, but this is about the flash video.
I liked some of the effects used, such as the fireworks with the castle and the twirling stars, but overall it was a pretty repetitive... considering the walk cycle and the music is on loop too. Good to see an amateur learning a lot though! Perhaps you can make something with some story, significance, or linearity to it! c:

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TeddyKickas responds:

Thx forethe suport :)

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Jun 22, 2012
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