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Skyblock Short

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Audio is originaly from one SlyFoxHound's Breking Friends series... :D
and lets not forget about ImmortalHD

ohh... this is my 1st REAl animation^^

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I always love his laugh, that golden giggle ^-^


*Pushes Immortal Off Edge* -Sly: Heheheh =3, Immortal???,*Sad Trololololo Face Appears On Sly*

Damn and he had the bucket too. Lol i remeber playing skyblock, of course i was in slyfox's position and had to do it by myself cause i have no friends, :(, lol got boring really quick though so I stopped playing that. Nice job with animating and it was pretty funny also. Only problem i had with it when he got knocked of, he yelled EXTREMELY loud in my ear :P. Turning that down a bit would be well apricaited by many ear/headphone users. Hope my review helps you in the past... no future... i meant future, with your later animations.

Three out of Five

TaseMan responds:

yes i was also thinking to do that but because i dont use headphones it didnt sound that loud to me :/

and tnx 4 the stars ^^