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Sour Competition

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6/23/12 - Well, hot dog! I got daily 2nd place!

6/25/12 - Holy patoots - the short got featured on the front page! Thanks a lot everybody!

A shady businessman does his best to steal an innocent little girl's customers away with his rival lemonade stand.

My junior short at the University of the Arts, animated in Flash and touched up in After Effects.

The short is also on YouTube and such: http://youtu.be/V9pAjvCFyCA

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luv all um three of your animations lol u need to make more find motivation sell your soul to thge devil if needed lol make more)

Just thought of it being quite funny, then read what Bongafish had to say about it and I totally agree. It is just nice that this is not crude or in any way sexually related, as almost everything seems to be these days. All the characters in it just seem to have "soul" instead of only having "style". Moreover, it is as refreshing as drinking a glass of cold lemonade, watching Mr. Friday failing in trying to optimize his "marketing mix" over and over again, while the little girl doesn't attempt to enter direct competition and still succeeds, as she keeps her serenity. (:

R.I.P. Canny Magoo. ...Never forget!

I think the fact that it was simple and funny without being crude--obviously a rare thing on the internet in general--that makes the flash so likable. It was just a simple cartoon worth a chuckle, which is endearing. And ya can't help but like the salesman guy (Mr. Friday?!), his voice acting being all around fun to listen to. "Helleeew good sir!"

pretty awesome if i say so mahself. This kinda flash is rare. to find a flash that is funny and not vulgar, cant find too much of those these days. *sigh* the good ol days. long story short it was a good flash

Loved the way it portrayed the triumph of a local business to a (seemingly) Multi-Millionair tycoon. It shows that the little guy(or girl in this case) doesn't always have to lose to the big dog