Harry and Terry - Episode 2 - White Trash Terry

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Harry & Terry - Episode 2 - "White Trash Terry"
Harry teaches Terry all about the Fourth of July in a touching holiday special for the whole American family.

The second episode of 'Harry & Terry'. I really have nothing at all to say about this. I was really bored animating this by the time I got to the last scene. So I probably won't do another episode of this for a while. For more cartoons visit my web site http://www.fartoons.net or my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/fartoons. 'Harry & Terry' merchandise is also available in the FARToons store on Zazzle.

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Another funny instalment to the Harry & Terry series. Overall, I liked this cartoon. The voices, art and animation were superb. I can't get enough of Terry's voice, it matches the character so well.
You're getting much better with "clean" writing (as opposed to the Wish Fish style that you have become accustomed too).
If it continues with this path of improvement, I bet the third will be amazing!

i feel like this could have been a lot better, the audio was a bit hard to understand. but i think the overall speed of the animations was a bit slow. and also work a bit more on your jokes. you hanged on tho the weenier thing though the whole thing. give variety when making jokes. but the art was good and the simple tweening was effective.

Your art was nice, the plot device used was good and tradional and your voices were great.

It sounds like you need to get better audio gear, though - it brings your animation quality down noticably.

It's a shame I didn't enjoy your jokes and final punchlines - THey just seem overused or help bring the tone down.

On the upside the intro of the animation actually got me excited for something wonderful.

Audio and script. That's what you need to work on.

fartoons responds:

The audio sounds quite a bit better in the original MPEG version. Still not wonderful, but I have the best affordable microphone available, the Blue Snowball Mic. Writing three minute cartoons is new to me, so I haven't gotten the short writing style down yet. I'm used to doing 10 minute vulgar jokes instead of tame ones. I agree the writing isn't anything special.

There is something about SWF files that make cartoons less enjoyable for me (audio and visual lagging). That is why I wish I got more views on YouTube.