Kingdumb Hearts BBS 2-1

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Woa, it's been a year now?
And yes, yet again I had to split this movie up, Flash couldn't handle the complete file. Must have wasted almost an entire day just sitting trough endless loading times and crashing computers to get it split up.

Can't deny I have a Art Block for this project.
Fortunatly, my art blocks means I just work 3 times slower rather then not at all.
I would be happy that it's finally finished..except it's not. Still 2 parts left, and part 3 will be extremely tough. Probably gonna be cheap on the music sequence there to regain balance.

It's a pain to have to learn to draw all these Disney characters in their respective styles, I never feel comfortable how I draw the main characters. And mostly I don't like the 2 year old script now where I desperatly wanted to throw little everything I noticed in it even when it doesn't have a proper joke.
And another reason why I feel very unsecure about these is because the entire movie is nothing but disjointed little sketches that keep boucning over the place, constantly setting things up that won't be paid off untill the very end, or not at all.
Then again in my defense, that's exactually what it feels like to play the Kingdom hearts games.


I could honestly watch the loading screen all day xD FREEZE, ROCK! But like the rest of your videos, this gives me a good laugh for the day. =D Even funnier now that I've actually played the game.

I learned something today... :)

I think it's hilarious how Ven sounds and acts like Salad fingers. XD
Terra is a tard. lol
Thanks for making me laugh!

Oh I have been missing these videos. Ven is starting to remind me of E.T. ...if he started stalking people to be his friends.

The best part was with the Evil Queen, she wants Snow dead and she gets ordered to her chamber as a guard. Brilliant.

Thats a pretty amusing intro lol

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Jun 13, 2012
7:26 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody