The Fall of Koganusan

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Just something I made for a month-long school project. It was made over the course of a week, with on and off progress being made one slow day at a time, since I had other things on my plate at the time, as well.

Basically, the movie centers around an unnamed "dwarf" (I use quotation marks because the dwarves look more human than dwarven, since I'm a shit artist), whose final days within the dwarven fortress "Koganusan" (dwarven for 'Boatmurdered', google it) are numbered. The meaning of the film, deeper than the jist of it, is for you to decide. This was my first attempt at creating something somewhat abstract, with different interpretations and the likes, and I'm not very satisfied with the end result. That's why I ask of you to please be critical in your comments so that I may improve myself. Don't feel forced to do so, though. A simple rating will suffice. :-)

The film was very much inspired by "Dwarf Fortress", an A+ video game, as well as "Boatmurdered", an online "let's play" of sorts related to the video game at hand. Artistry credits go to both myself and the much more talented folks at the now-defunct Raven software, producers of "Hexen" and "Heretic", from which I shamefully traced most of the drawings in the second half of the film. The wonderful music credits go to Tarn Adams, the creator of Dwarf Fortress, and an all-around excellent composer. Please try to enjoy regardless of the atrocious quality of the visuals.

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I love Dwarf Fortress...Slicing open a minotaurs guts then slapping him to death with hyena meat.....
mmm.....Minotaur guts....

this was really good. it's a shame Dwarf Fortress dosn't get the attention it deserves.

the drawing was fine, and the animation moved smoothly. i think these spelling errors are just you trying to express an accent in text format. my only complaint is that the text seemed to change too quickly at certain parts. i couldn't take in the images and read everything at the same time. but this was fine for your first animation.

now i must ask, after seeing this superior *animation*, do you plan on making anything else for newgrounds in the future.

HarmonicBlues responds:

Sorry for the late reply, I thought this flash had collapsed into the newgrounds caverns by this stage :) Thank you for the reply, I believe you are right about the text panning out too quickly, and I will be certain to take this into account for any future possible animation entries, although I do not plan to be creating any new animations sometime soon. I have since the release of this animation been preoccupied with taking up drawing seriously (a passion I've had since as far as I can remember, although never really taken all that seriously), which is mostly why I've been lack regarding new contributions. I do plan on uploading new content in the future, although most of it will probably be to fill out my art gallery.
You're dead on about it being a shame that not enough people play =*Dwarf Fortress*=, it really is a marvel. Hopefully in the coming future it'll get the recognition it deserves. ;)

that wasnt too bad but i suggest u work on your line art before you add color. a little more detail would of made it better. in my opinion that was great for a one month project.
keep up the good work and pay more attention to detail and shading

HarmonicBlues responds:

Thank you very much for the comment. I appreciate your criticism, and I agree I could have added more detail to some of the scenes. I will try to develop my drawing skills as best I can. Thank you once again.

Really good! Nice story and good drawing, I like the style.
Even the music fits good

HarmonicBlues responds:

Thank you for the response, I'm glad you liked the music, Tarn Adams is a wonderful composer. I'm also glad that you liked my drawings. :-)

Fantastic Music. +
Good Story. +
Great Animation. +
I realy like the Style. +
Start Button. +
Restart Button. +

Some decent sound effects like Torch burning etc. Would be great. -

Very good. If it's true that you made this in a Week you'll get the 5 Stars. Look that you get a longer animation up!

HarmonicBlues responds:

Thank you for the response and telling me what you liked/disliked about it. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it, and I'm happy to take your criticism into account. :-)

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Jun 9, 2012
9:04 AM EDT