Virsteinn vs. Drifts

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This is a project I was doing over the year as an assignment for my Animation class. I believe mine was the best out of all my classmates, but frankly, that's an understatement. Mind you, a lot of my classmates had handicaps or just did their animations to get the grade, or both.

Needless to say, I am not the most talented flash animator on Newgrounds; there are plenty who are better at their first times and/or have had a lot more experience animating. In fact, in my class, there was this one dude who had animated prior to taking the class, and he had this awesome-looking animation featuring a tap-dancing hero who could create explosions through his dancing, and a red giant with dress pants and shoes and no shirt who was wrecking the city. This animation doesn't even compare.



Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

Ok, uh...what did you like about it??????

stupid. why is there talking and smug stupid jokes. you need to work on this too it has potential but they move unequally they either are too fast or too slow. why is there an entire beginning of talking? terrible graphics if there are going to be non flash style why 8-bit graphics. and last crazy startings like the shoop-da-whoop reference right as they finish the "dialogue" that lasted about 4 minutes of my time

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

Are all your reviews like this? Addressing the issues in order: in a lot of RHG animations, there is talking, so dialogue and narration and such shouldn't be surprising; I was also trying to tell something that would pass for a story, so I'm sorry you bitch when there's more story than animation quality. I'm not too sure what jokes you are referring to, unless you're referring to those recordings of myself shouting those things like "MAKANKOUSAPPOU!!!" or "You been kicked/banned, bitch!" or whatever. You think I don't know I have to work on this? Why is there an entire beginning of talking, because my teacher said to put in a big old fucking backstory into the animation if it was going to be a stick animation. I know the graphics are terrible, I'M JUST STARTING OUT. They are not 8-bit. It wasn't really a reference as much as it was a demonstration of one of Virsteinn's many abilities; the shoop da whoop face just happened to be convenient. I've already explained the dialogue to you.

The next time you write a review, try giving tips as to how I can improve. Until then, thanks for nothing.

Fucking moron.

EDIT: Oh my fucking God, I just got trolled.

Funny. Action-packed. But, most importantly, AWESOME!!! I really liked the animation and I laughed at just about every joke the movie threw at me. My only complaint is that sometimes it's difficult to hear the narator's voice. Good job overall! I'm looking forward to the sequel!

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Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

Yeah, I probably should've recorded myself at a louder microphone level on the conclusion portion. I'm glad you liked it, though.

Thanks for the review!

the early parts looked as if it was made by some kid lol. I guess you were on something or just did not take this very seriously Ik I change my mind; the whole thing looked like it was made by some kid. We have all seen Hyun's/Terkoiz's stuff,.

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Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

I had no real experience animating prior to taking the class I'm in right now, so it pretty much WAS made by a kid. XD

Although, being nineteen years old, I'm no longer legally a child. I will try and improve, I can say that much.

Thanks for the review!

I was a little put off initially from your comments however...your animation wasn't that bad. But with that said I think there are plenty of things you can work on...

Firstly...the voice-overs: introduction and prologue...completely unnecessary and rather dull, made the whole flash quite anti-climatic...well, it might have been worth it if your fighting scenes were pretty hard-core, but no offence they weren't. I may not be an animator, but the rules never change when it comes to presenting to an audience...as a presenter, have to know your limits and not try to "over-sell" yourself to an audience, if you do you not only end up looking too try-hard but also laughable, and needless to say your viewers may not show you the appreciation you deserve. In any case, if you do want to put forward an explanation about your characters, how about put it in a separate section in your menu and put some visuals, unless your voice-overs are as engaging as some animation show-casing their moves and unique skills, I suggest you skip that.

Next thing, animation...the movement of your stick characters. They were pretty good at some parts, moved well, fought well...but there wasn't enough impact or flow, that is very characteristic of stick-flashes. There needs to be more force with with blow and swing, more power with the punch, more sparks with the blades...seriously just more "oomph!" Now I know I'm no animator and I know at least animating is hard, but that is something you just have to work on...I guess I noticed this a lot because your animation came across as a bit try-hard epic but fell majorly short...I also guess the animation also demeaned by the fact that you used images as part of your background...now while I guess it did make your flash a bit more engaging...it also drew back to the fact you seriously made your flash appear somewhat try-hard...as it highlighted your animation skill level...in not a very positive light...

And that leads to the next thing...plot...seriously...this was the culmination of your try-hardiness...at first I excused you, it gave a bit of depth to the character initially as they exchanged facts and so on, but I found it very difficult to take them seriously...especially the ending, it was so abrupt...and seemed incredibly out of place as well

But I get this is your first submission, and if its any comfort, first submissions tend to be always done poorly if you're just starting out in animation. This criticism is just meant to highlight the areas you need to work on so that you may improve and grow as you hopefully animate more :) which I hope you do...it's not perfect of course, but it's a good start. In any case, animation and the direction of the plot was solid at least...simple enough to see through from beginning to end, and surprising the quality of the voice overs was well done...all you need to do now is to take it to the next level and make your animation really engaging.

Just remember to keep your audience in mind...keep it up...I hope you keep on making more :P

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Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

I knew I had parts to improve on. This really helps. Thank you for this, I really appreciate it.

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Jun 8, 2012
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