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Made for NATA 2012 Novice Round. I need sleep.

The theme was "elephant in the room"

Thanks for the daily 4th and frontpage :D

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So hating gays warrants the murder of the hater? I thought nothing warrants murder but apparently liberals just preach about tolerance.... The animation is great.

No one got the joke? The guy laughed at gay teen suicide, and threw away the paper, laughing at the suicide was supposed to be bad. But the elephant killed him for not recycling.

Made me chuckle, as this kind of misdirection lines up with my humor pretty well.

Nice theme - whatever it may be

This animation wasn't quite as funny or memorable as the rest of your NATA entries, but I still liked it. This was a really creative take on the "Elephant in the Room" theme. Perhaps it could have been better served by quality voice acting...

The animation was AWESOME!
The story line kinda sucked. Nothing connected. I thought "Remember" was gonna have an emphasis on "Elephants never forget" type thing. The old man laughs at a gay suicide then has a nightmare with an elephant telling him to recycle...instead of...nvm... The music didn't fit the animation in my opinion.
Overall you have potential as an artist!