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Hey guys, this is our first animation and first time working with flash. It's a bizzare idea we came out with and we decided to try animating it. We are a group of friends that joined forces to make it. This is the first of many more to come. Hope you enjoy it. =)

Thanks for watching.


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um wwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh twisted and bizzare so perfect for most here on NG


This was a clever movie you have here, There was some inspriring animation in this, and hile i do say that there was some areas of the flash that can be made to run and look better even more on a sharper and smoother feel, but i will for sure touch on those areas abit later, but now i just wanted to comment on how i preceived this to start off, and sofar i am pretty intriged by it, so glad to see something good here. Perhaps some little stuff here and there can be tweaked, And there is room for some various ideas of improving on this. Well this one was differant, it was kind of short but still found it to be somewhat interesting, you have shown some good animation skills here and made it work well, as the animation was smooth and flowed well, you have a unique and strange ideas here but thats what i liked about it, it could possibly use some sort of backrounds thogh and maybe be a bit longer aswell, but other then that i thought it was pretty nifty of a flash animation here. Good effort here, and i found some parts even better then others, it was actually a fun flash, it also has its good and bad moments, those are things that happen, but anyways keep up the awsome work and i really look forward to seeing more stuff like this, untill then keep working on great stuff. nothing else to say except keep up the effort in this one and future flash stuff you have planned.

So as above, this could be better. and here are some suggestions, tips and ideas that can only help to make your idea work even better then it is, so give it a thought. Here are a few tips and ideas on making this somewhat better, it never hurts to improve on stuff, even in the smallest stuff. Its a good entry just needs some small adjustments. Make it longer, or maybe add some other short animations to it, also it could use some sort of backdrop or backround, just something there in the distant besides just the white backing.

The sound effects-you could not hear em at all v.s the music which was way louder then the affects. Art very good-loved it
Animation in general-I had no idea were it was going at all did not know what to expect, stay grounded next time to one idea or make mores sense of it. IF it was meant to be really weird make it really weird if was meant to be funny make it really funny. If you were going for horror, knock my socks off.

That was wonderfully animated and I liked how it was completely insane. I thought it was going to create an infinite loop where the deer turned into the ninja or something. What I liked most was when everyone screamed. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I appreciate all the hard work and time put into the animation. It was certainly an unpredictable cartoon!

While there was no background, the overall detail made up for it. Looking back, it seems like his hands should have turned into something else. The music is also really nice. It's especially cool to see how graphically the guy's innards come out. I also appreciate the time spent into people's organs.

4TAKEN responds:

WOW... i feel flattered by your review, Thank you.

Yes, this was our first attempt to animate, it was really an excercise, so we thought of something simple and quick but bizzare, unpredictable and nonsensical, so people could enjoy it. We focused in the detail and fluency, because that's the style we want our animations to have, but we had problems with recording the sounds, next time we won't. The arms were going to be snakes (pretty obvious) but it was taking us so long to finish and we wanted to begin with our next proyect, one a bit more serious with backgrounds and story.

Again, Thank you for appreciating our work, it's really nice to see that we entertained you a bit.

Very smooth and fluid animation.

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4.63 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2012
12:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Original