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NINJA in the room!

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Well hey there newgrounders! I hope you like this round entry which has very little to do with elephants. In the final two days of the time we had I rushed the last two scenes. So they are a bit. Eh. Crappy. But Hopefully you get a chuckle out of it. I doubt this will get me through to the intermediate stage but you never know. Thank to everyone that helped out.

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funny & great style in fighting :OOO

Haha! That was funny.

Haha! Love how in the opening he's just standing there in the most obvious pose in existence, yet no one sees him. The animation in this was very well done, especially the downhill run.

The elephant gag at the end was both unexpected and very clever, nice delivery, the Lex Luthor look-alike's reaction was priceless.

would have been cool if you had some guy separated from the main crowd going, "hey guys is that a ninja. Look, he's standing right there" but, have everyone ignore him. Btw that elephant was secretly a spy.... in disguise!

How the F did Catoblepas move on (Black Chick in Finland) and not you?
This is amazing, I seriously think you should have moved on to the Intermediate round.
Nonetheless, you did a great job. The animation was good, and the comic relief worked very well in the plotline. Also, yours fit the theme, so I seriously can't complain here. Good work.

HowardWimshurst responds:

I ask myself the same question. sob
Im glad you enjoyed it!