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Well, to be fair, this didn't turn out like I wanted at all :/
As it started, it would have been more of a "Draw your own conclusion about character representations" but after a ton of trying stuff out, I found out I had little time left and not a real direction either.

But hey, I can't let NATA down :)
Enjoy anyway.

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Great graphics and detail

I certainly Have found that this entry was amusing, entertaining but most of all it kept me wanting to see more, not for the quality but because it was a little something differant then most of the other flash movies that do come thru here, so I do like that you have put the efort to not be the same but change it up abit. The visuals and graphics on this are great the shades and texture and how they moved off of eachother as the animation flowed off from one scene to the next, but overall i found the design of characters and "RANDOMNESS" of the story and plot was great there was no real story but you had a unique style of flash and animation here, it was pretty good i thought, could be longer for more of that effect but i generally had some fun with this. You have an idea here and something decent here, i had fun with this one but it could use some more effort as suggested below and above and hope those ideas help to make it even better for all, but even as it is it was pretty decent if you ask me, keep up the decent efforts though. And hope to see more of your flash-works sometime soon.

Ok so here it is in a nutshell as some may say, thiswas notbad, and there is some room for making things better and or improving on a few points, both positive and negitive points in this flash, but i liked it all, but anyways here are one or two ideas and improving on this would be great. This whole thing could be better in the sense that itcould be longer and some sort of more story to it aswell, maybe take these characters into some adventure show off more scenes more backround drop backs aswell.

That. Was really good!

I guess sometimes it's best to just let your thoughts go. I hope you win.

You had some of the best art for a animation I had seen in a long time, but hey no idea what was going on exept that they were making fun of an elephant. The nose people cracked me up. There was a glitch with the hand at one point, the joints in the hand were overlapping and messed up. Its good to first have an idea of what you want to turn out and right an objective out on paper that you want to achieve, some idea you want use to see or just an goal for the flash.

This was a wonderfully animated cartoon, even though I couldn't understand it. It looks like it was trying to come off with some message about yourself, possibly. Is this you how see yourself? As a elephant who minds his own business while weird people do stupid things around you? Whatever it was, congradulations on getting popular with this for the first round of NATA 2012. You even made the sign logo!

The sounds are pretty good in this too. I don't think elephants drink out their noses per se. Of course, this is a cartoon where gray people change their shapes and stuff, so it's probably nothing to be too concerned about it. That drinking sound still goes after the cartoon ends. He must be thirsty.

test-object responds:

Idea was keeping it very open for interpretation. Basically, any symbolism you see in it is right. Thanks for the review :)

An elephant doesn't drink through it's nose though...

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4.11 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2012
6:12 PM EDT