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Poptart Goes 2 The Moon

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"lil pop" the hip hop tart goes to the moon and he brought a little snack for the trip

music and animation done by me , if you enjoy this make sure you like me on facebook and share this cartoon with ur friends for a quick laugh. peace

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i suspected nyan cat actuly because he is a poptart and then nyan cat is in space soooooooooo... yeah

I have always wanted to go to the moon.

I like it. It's very funny and definitely not bad. However the voice and mouth are a bit out of sync. And, just as a personal opinion, I don't think tweening looks very good for lip syncing.

haha fuckin love it bro

I can see it already: this is destined to become a 10 hour version on a certain popular video site. Kind of random, but it was fluid and the voice wasn't bad so I'll rate high.

facebooktoons responds:

thanks! i really appreciate that :)