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Cornelius & Toots: Case 1

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Introducing Cornelius & Toots, Paranormal Investigators. Working out of London, they'll make toast of your ghost, dissect-er your spectre and school your ghoul. In their first case, Cornelius and Toots get more than they bargain for when they investigate a demonic fish in Chiswick!

EDIT: I'd just quickly like to thank everyone who has been so supportive and vocal about their enjoyment of Cornelius and Toots so far! The response has been overwhelming, and we are indeed working on a second episode at the moment. Thanks to Newgrounds also for featuring us, can't thank you enough!

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So many hilarious details!

"you sunk my battle ship colonel mustache" hahaha FREAKIN AWESOME

Lol, Made me laugh my arse off, especailly when it said Chiswick hosted ghosts including Busta Rymes. I literally fell out of my chair

....when it said to spot the difference i paused then realized there wasnt a second picture lol

This was really funny, there's so much little jokes to read in the background while your listening to the main jokes. There's so much jokes my brain exploded!
Fave bit was brainbox puzzletime