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MMBN: The Darkpower 5

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Hey all,

After being quiet for almost 6 years, I am finally able to reward your patience with the final part in the MMBN: The Darkpower pentalogy.

I believe that it is my best work by far, and I hope that you will agree with me. The movie is about 10 minutes long and contains intense graphics at some points, so adjusting the quality to 'medium' or 'low' might help if the movie starts running slow.


We finally find out what happens to Megaman, Protoman, Colonel, Lan, Chaud, Baryl and Dr. Wily as they proceed through Dr. Wily's network. What lies in store for them and will they be able to break the hold the Darkpower has on Megaman? Find out today!

It has taken a lot of work to finish the movie, so I hope that you enjoy watching it!


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Perfect But U Said All Copyrights And EveryThing BELONGS TO CAPCOM Then What The Hell Is That Metal Slug Chopper Hah

Finally i wath the end of this it has been a long time

Played all of these games growing up. Really enjoyed the series you did. Keep up the great work if you ever plan on doing anything else with it!

They saved Megaman, so who was the Megaman at the beginning? Sorry, I didn't watch the other ones if I was supposed to. Also, having the first Megaman die by the Dark infused Megaman didn't help my confusion.

Ginogino13 responds:

I understand that it might be a bit confusing if you haven't watched the previous chapters, but i'll be happy to explain!

The Megaman that's fighting in the earlier parts in the game is a back-up Navi created from Megaman's data by Dr. Hikari (Lan's father). That way Lan could still help the others to get the 'real' Megaman back, even though he isn't as strong as the original (since the real one is partly made from the DNA of Lan's late twin-brother Hub), which is unique in it's kind.

I hope this explains it a bit. If you have any further questions I'd be more than happy to answer them!

Superb structure of the story and quite intriguing, nice use of megaman zero and megaman battle network sounds, quality is quite impressive great animation.

Ginogino13 responds:

Thanks a lot, I'll try to make sure that any future work will be even better!