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I made this in 3 days (with pauses and everything, I'm not very fast), and i had to repeat constantly the frames because they had some size problems and other stuff. I know I must improve, if someone wants to advice, please, do it.


excellent start! placing the right noises and music with the right moments indicate-already- that you're on your way to success. i don't want to sound like some kind of hero to you but i really liked your starter. i sucked way more than you when i was first posting on here and i'm glad others aren't similarly as bad. making it longer would be cool and try using more colour.


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It was funny. Keep practicing your drawing and stuff.

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Keep it up!

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Well... The sounds are pretty good, but you really should improve your drawing abilities. There is a lot of tutorials on this site and on internet too. About the content... This joke is a remake of remake of... well you know what I mean. That movie has no real personality.

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ConanTheCimmerian responds:

Alright, i think i get it. The next one I'll give it colour and try to make better movements (Gollum is really hard to draw by itself, animating was almost impossible for me). Well, anyway, thanks for rating and watching my first movie.

3 days to make a poorly looking 30 sec. animation is a bit long, no ?

Animation and graphics aside, you can barely tell what your character is saying. He sounds like a bukkake victim trying to mumble something through his cum covered mouth...

And the "foreveralone" meme does not fit here very well. Try to avoid using memes at all. Most people are just sick of seeing them and they'll weigh down your flash level.

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3.24 / 5.00

May 21, 2012
12:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody