Madness XTerminator [P1]

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My first madness movie, i respect any comments or feedback whenever they are negative or positive!

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the video is a fucking 1. the video is short 2.the graphis is some stupid and the final is stupid

chiter200 responds:

1.Well your english is bad
2. I do agree it's short but it is my first one and it did take a while to master.
3. Checked your account, you dont have a single flash video what so ever. When you make one come back and tell me about how bad i am.

This movie is crap!

Nice Graphics but the fights where slow ... and not "Hard-Fast-Mode" for me :)

Keep it up !


I think it was OK. The fighting was a wee bit akward because the enemy with the shotgun somehow missed when the blue guy was right in front of him. The drawing was VERY good, as it perfectly resembled Madness characters. But one thing that confuses me; What were the heros doing? I just saw the blue guy break in with no reason and the red guy comes outta nowhere. The music @ the end I think it's Tekken, it was a good idea to put it in the credits. Thme music throughout the movie was nice too. Please reply to me. PWEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSEEE??

chiter200 responds:

Yo! Thanks for the nice comment/feedback, the whole thing was made up in one go, basically i didnt have anything planned (bad idea) so the blue guy is basically me getting into the facility (In Nevada i suppose) trying to get back my friend that was captured/kidnapped. The red guy is basically another friend of mine that i wanted put in the animation, hes basically a network hacker as you can see he starts "hacking" when the alarm goes off. At the end you can see me (Blue guy) running outside to kill some more 1337 characters (notice the red guy is still inside doing something xP). The guy in the tube "XTerminator" is the friend that was kidnapped the one I'm trying to rescue. Hope this expalins my nonsense story.

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2.84 / 5.00

May 19, 2012
11:18 PM EDT