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Meatball ziti Chicken

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had to do a 1 minute final for class, I spent tons of time on this. just wish I could get a proper preloader for this, I have no idea how to apply a preloader -__-

anyway, the characters are based off of people in my life, aswell as a child hood comic i did when i was younger, its odd, strange and weird. Art style is some sort of advanced stick figure, more resembling normal characters than sticks. Tell me what you think. Sorry about the loading.

Sorry if it lags, still new to this. This is my first long animation and my 3rd actual animation, Hopefully i can learn how to put a preloader for the next one.

this will loop because i have no preloader, sorry

Comments please :)


WTF lol. Pretty funny though.

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Midgard229 responds:

haha thats what i wanna hear! Wtf and that u enjoyed it :D thnx lol

This is surely a difficult submission to review.

The concept itself was odd, strange and weird as you said in your description. The animation here is definitely mixed in terms of quality. Some parts like the fight scenes were surprisingly well-animated. The beginning scene wasn't so good, though.

For the camera's focus, one consistent zoom-in is usually more effective than a zoom-in and a minor pan. It's something that subconsciously alters with the viewer's overall perception of the cartoon. This only applies to the scene in the beginning, the use of the V-Cam was appropriate throughout the rest of the cartoon.

rest of it was ok i guess

Midgard229 responds:

thanks, I agree the beginning is odd, and quality was low. it was experimental and i was learning while doing it, towards the end I got the hang of it better. I was going to put alot more fighting but my time limit for my final project wouldn't allow it, so the sequel will have alot more fighting....though its tough doing it on my own but oh well. thanks :)

hell yeah, can't wait for the second part - and great music bro! perfectly fits in.
but do me just one favor, ok? get the voices better next time, mk?

I like it because it's full with action and it changes perspectives in a very cool way

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Midgard229 responds:

thanks alot, im def gonna do part 2. and the voices, whats wrong with them? well maybe some parts with my dad (the bearded one) i talked really fast in order to imitate him. All voices are how those characters sound lol. my brother chris (the monkey/eared one) sounds like that, and Justin, the no nosed human, is always hard to understand because thats how he talks in real life,

but i will try to make it more under standable, or add subtitles when he talks. this stuff is more of an inside joke thing but figured some people would like it :)

It was my Chicken!!

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Midgard229 responds:

:) haha, seriously? a fight over chicken?

well good made me lol

next time have a play button then u will get a 5 xD

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Midgard229 responds:

thanks! and yeah Im trying to learn how to do that, I wanted a preloader and have no idea how to do it :( i will make sure i learn before the next video though!

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3.24 / 5.00

May 15, 2012
11:03 AM EDT