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If you are using a slow computer, I suggest the Dim Lights feature. I hope you enjoy this cartoon! Original music is Barbra Streisand.


yes yes hmm awesome clap clap clap

Natty23 responds:

Cool! Glad you liked it!

No way this will give anyone a laugh. Please strengten your line of humor and your drawings, then we can have a solid deal. Next time!

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Natty23 responds:

Yep. Always next time.

I'm sorry, but I think this is one of the worst submissions I've seen from you.

The background music is overused and sounds awful, though that's okay if it's accompanied by visual content that's actually original, enthralling and well-animated. Unfortunately, it wasn't any of those things.

So I'll start with the beginning. You made the light in the beginning flash five times. Changing the timing of the V-Cam when it's zooming out on the character doesn't help, either. For example, for one shot, he'd be walking, the next shot, he'd been doing something else, the next one something else...

It's like saying "here's one picture. watch me zoom out of it five times."

what I'm about to say here matters, because there are some major flaws in the visual design. Also, please don't respond to me saying "sorry" - you don't need to apologize, just thank the reviewer, tell the reviewer you'll improve and actually improve. i don't know why you need to apologize in every review response to me.

The sidewalk was too tall. it should be shortened, and the lines shouldn't be straight. they should be diagonal so that you can at least imagine that it's somewhat of a realistic world, instead of a flat 2-dimensional puppet show.

The green square for the grass also is pretty poor. just make simple outlines and color it, even that would make a big difference.

your characters...

the way you draw your eyebrows are horrible. i can't even think of a way to properly justify why, but it just does.

even the stick arms are poorly done, because they're all squiggly and the circles for eyes are pretty bad. an imperfect circle you draw on a paper looks better than a circle a computer helped you do.

was this a crossover between those webdings and your squishables? also after he was walking, the shot where you mirrored it was pretty bad. mirroring anything is bad.

like for example, when i handed you that black-and-white montage and you mirrored my already-existing background, it doesn't look good. whenever you mirror something, it would most likely appear lopsided.

also after the crappy music starts playing, your purple squishable's eyes are white. pick one, they'll either be white or black, nobody's eye color randomly changes in a few seconds.

why don't you listen to my reviews? I know you thank me and say you'll improve, but you never do. i don't have to break everything i have to say down into really tiny pieces, just read my reviews and you'll know exactly what to improve. like my "cancer gets it" review when i tell you in-depth how to improve the guy. but he looks exactly the same in your day 2 submission. poorly done, and overly generic. I also previously stated that if you continue to rely on slapstick humor, you'll get nowhere.

Nobody likes slapstick humor! Sure, 4-year-olds do. But I would imagine even they would get tired since everything you consider "humor" is slapstick. Even the "no belching" thing is considered slapstick because the "no belching" lady punched them for whatever reason.

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Natty23 responds:

This was Webdings only. The purple squishables eye's being white was a sign of it being scared. Thank you for reviewing, I'll try to remove all these errors.

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May 8, 2012
8:44 PM EDT