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The Moon Guardian

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After three months of being in intense labor, I've finally given birth to my chronically overweight baby, affectionately named: The Moon Guardian.

Mad props to the wonderful (and infinitely more talented than myself) people who helped me produce this short animation: Thanks to Hnilmik, Apatheria, and Natalie Van Sistine for their beautiful vocals, Zach Striefel for scoring and doing the sound design for this bad boy, Matt Greenholt for digitally painting and helping me fully realize the backgrounds, and last but not least, Chris (MC) Hartlaub for turning the bad dialogue I presented him and transformed into something golden. Without them, none of this would have happened.

I animated this in flash, composited in After Effects and edited in Premiere.

Also, if for whatever reason the video doesn't work, watch it here: http://vimeo.com/41751885

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As a game developer, I actually like this movie. I could help out if you plan to make a series. It has some potential, and learning of the character's backgrounds would help add to that.

Also learning who the dark cloaks are would be cool. All three characters are cool; knowing who Edgar is, like his race, would be cool.

I give 5 stars for the creativity, and effort. As a creator myself, I know how hard it is to finish something. I hope you return and make this into something. The music was cool, and the so was the story!

Tyler responds:

Thanks for the review, but man this thing is OLD!

6 years later, Im a game dev too.

The world in this short was very rough but reworked the concepts into my new game world.

Wow amazing Tyler! Didn't know you where so good at animation (:

On a stylistic level, I like the rough edges of the characters and animation.

That was quite the incredible short!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

good acting, but

voice of dying mother needs a bit more work, but its not bad since its more...clear? but a bit too clear