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The Hermit

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For our final project in my computer art class, my instructor gave us a Flash animation to do. The goal was the incorporate a tarot card into the animation. I had this idea of a cute, little hermit crab bouncing around in my head for a while, so I chose to base my flash off the "Hermit" card. If you're familiar with tarot cards at all (I'm not, just did some basic research for this project), you'll be able to notice some of the similarities between this and the card.
This is also my first animation done by tablet. My school has a Mac lab full of 18- or so-inch Wacom tablets which have made this project both fun and ten times more efficient in terms of productivity. I'm gonna miss these things. :(
As always, enjoy. Although I spent a lot of time of it, his toon's a little short, due to deadlines and such.

EDIT: I'm aware the replay button doesn't work. It's because of an AS3 conflict that I'm both too inexperienced and downright lazy to deal with. Plus, it'll prolly be faster for you to right-click and hit play than me to open CS5.5 (after a series of approximately six or seven crashes) and fix the issue.

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Very cool alpha, animation is top notch aswell. 5's all around.

If this is not made into a series I will fucking do something unexpected.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

this was quite unexpected to begin with. i cannot imagine what may come next.

I was expecting an adventure too. But yes, that would be long enough for a project.

I liked your style of animation. Your association of the Hermit with the Hermit Crab is refreshing. The theme is clean, and had much potential.

Your prof was cool to include tarot cards in project, haha.

Please have a replay button that works for the sequel. :)

The synposis alone is worth a 5 imo rofl

This movie had certainly a great deal of potential, but I expected it to be at least 15 seconds longer. It was cut short as the story was had just begun and could be thoroughly understood by the viewer. In all, I would love for this to maybe be a preview or introduction to a whole flash at least, so I could give a more complete analysis on this. Well, at least it was good while it lasted.