Battle of the Elements

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This is a Flash animation I worked on for college. I'm a beginner so please disregard the amateur drawings and such. I just wanted to keep it simple!

The music is "Fall of the Hammer" of "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion OST" by Jeremy Soule. I take no credit for the music, I used it because it suited the animation well.

Thanks for watching!


i put this on my favorite

Jaba992 responds:

Thank you! ^.^

the ending is horrible

It would be hypocritical of me to say considering my last review, I really enjoyed this animation despite it's short length.

It was straight to the point, and had a rather nice pay-off considering the apparent simplicity of the title. I especially liked water's face when he reformed on the ground.

The animation I cannot blame you for whatsoever and it will not count towards the score. However I am curious of a few things. Where is god standing if he can look unto the earth yet there are pyramids about? Did he place pyramids onto the earth later? Is that where they came from?

What is in the background beyond the earth?

God served his purpose to the animation yet for some reason I can't help but laugh at his simple house in desert swamp-sky land.

It was just a pleasure to watch, and I certainly hope that you submit more content to newgrounds in the future. Perhaps even a remake of this when you are more skilled, now that would be epic. You could even have temples devoted to each element and their human worshippers in the future and have them fight once again and instead create the Moon (Earth and Air in particularly winning it out over water and fire) with the populace looking onward. Though I think that's a little ambitious if this was just for college. Give it a shot when you feel more experienced and see if you like it.

To explain my rating; In the grand scheme, this animation lacks depth. (Obviously, being just a simple fight between the elements and done on a dead-line for school.) Though I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I really hope to see more coming from you in the future and I appreciate you submitting your animation to Newgrounds. Thank you.

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Jaba992 responds:

Thanks for your very helpfull review! It means a lot me and I really appreciate the time you took type up such a large piece.

Concerning the background. I meant for it be kind of dreamscape. It doesn't make sense to me either! I researched a lot of Salvador Dali's paintings for the project and a lot of his work is set in a dreamscape background. Kinda like a vast desert of nothing.

I plan on working on some more of my own flash cartoons now that I have more free time but since I'm a beginner they may vary in quality of the animation and have a few hiccups like the one here.

I'm very glad you enjoyed and thanks again for the support!

To be honest, I like it; especially the concept. Just some issues I can find; at certain times the characters simply jump from one place to another. Like the moment after the water extinguish the fire. Another one would be the close-up of the fire- you should make its' flames move at that moment too, looks awkward to be static only at that time.
Keep it up!

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Jaba992 responds:

Thanks for the helpful review!

I noticed these problems too while making the cartoon but as the project was for a deadline in college, I ran out of time to fix things like these. I was thinking about fixing them before uploading to NG and YouTube but decided against it as I wanted to move on to working on other stuff.

Thanks again!

Not bad...

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2.94 / 5.00

May 6, 2012
8:48 AM EDT