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If this link doesnt work go here--->
http://www.fluidanims.com /portal2/view/5252/

After 3 years of messing on and off with flash!! I've finally created from start to end...SOMETHING!! :) This animation took 4-5 days to complete! It's kind of random!. I really just did it for practice and hopes to one day make a RHG character!! for fluidanims.com....but this animation taught me a lot.
1. Animating is time consuming!
2. When your new at it...you take 1 step forward and 5 steps back.
3.F*** walk cycles...lol...actually I got better at walking...it just takes lots of brain power!!
4. I need a better computer!!
5.I originally started with a plan then it kind of just went elsewhere lol. But next time Stick to a Plan!!

Please give me feedback on anything you liked or didn't like! Tips or advice for next time, etc.This is my first REAL animation!!...The other animations on my page where just so I could say I had something on Newgrounds!!....but this was thought up(somewhat) and executed from start to finish!!...anyways enough rambling!!! Take a look and let me know what you think!! :)

P.s.- The title sucks..but I'm not good with those anywayz!!...o well!!

"Motivation is temporary...Self-discipli ne MUST come after!!"

If this link doesnt work go here--->
http://www.fluidanims.com /portal2/view/5252/

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If it's your first stick-fighting-movie then this animation is good...
nothing more to say.....

Not true; I hope you make more animations like this

BECOME A BADASS MAN!!!! (yea, like terkoiz, hyun and all those mothaf**kers)

HeThinkzLikeNoOthEr responds:

thanx 4 the review...i dont think ill be on a terkoiz lvl for a while tho. lol!!

did not load for me, or maybe there is no loading screen?

HeThinkzLikeNoOthEr responds:

it should load now i had that problem earlier but it should be fixed!!

First Feedback, loading bar or working animation?! Not sure whats wrong with it but I can't get it to load. I try to judge fairly so I opened 3 different browsers and reloading the page serveral time...The reason being because you wrote a very nice description which I actually bother to read on peoples posting :)

But since I can't watch it...I can't judge :(

HeThinkzLikeNoOthEr responds:

I posted a link to another website....it works fine there,,,i couldnt tell u why it won't work here....i switched out 3 different preloaders!!!....but check out the link!!...nvm I fixed it somehow!!!

Doesn't play.
I'd fix that first before trying to re-upload it.

HeThinkzLikeNoOthEr responds:

I wouldn't know how to fix that..the preloaders I use come from this site!!..ive posted a link to another site where it loaded fine!!...the file is fixed now!!