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Mythtory: The Silk Road

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The silk industry is developed in a struggle between a worm and a man in this episode of Mythtory of the World!

watch more at http://www.rossbollinger.com

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Decent flash movie here.

You have a good movie here it was interesting at the sametime i took a good interest in this, it was intriging, and in some cases it was differant but thats what i look for, something differant and something nifty, But anyways you have something good here, I was taken back with this one, i was not expecting this so it was differant and thats what i liked about it, The worm was kinda interesting and made for an interesting story so notbad there, You have some good effort in detail and and the "ANIMATION" was even better, The whole Pencilmation was kinda neat and nifty and that really made it unique, so nice job there, The story was good but tended to go off in places, but other then that this was alright and i liked what you have presented here. Not to drag things on, i will try and end this review soon, but before i do ill suggest some improvments, but for now i just want to say that i have enjoyed this and there was some pretty entertaining things about this submission, so good job on this indeed, I noticed you have won some awards for this submission, and i can see why it was well worth the time and effort so congrats on winning some awards keep on with that.

Improvments are always a plus on any flash entry, not sure i have any for this particular one but if i do find any i will post them below, and basicly they are just a few basics and maybe they will make some improved ideas and an improved version but if not good job here, But honestly you have covered all the areas and brought in some nice ideas as it is so this doesnt really need anything at all, it was pretty decent work.

Render unto Caesar, what belongs to Caesar.

Yes, of course, they made cameras before clothes.


And so, the crazyness began...