ACS- Block: Act 1

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The first ever flash animation made by ACS (8bitnemesis), a two man team attempting to entertain the masses. This is the first act in the "Block" series which is a slightly different perspective on what happens in PONG. Is it a simple game of back n forth, or is it a means of keeping a destructive force at bay? You judge....though its probably the destructive one.


It's nice to see some decent frame-by-frame animation around here somewhere. I'm, quite frankly, impressed by your fbf. The block rolling down and eventually falling was simply a great display animation-wise and timing-wise.

While the art is indeed simplistic, it's the consistency in the animation and the style that's overall impressive.

There were some parts that I felt needed more exaggeration, along with some parts that I felt needed to sped up, but only by a little. These specific parts I'm talking about, however, are minor and don't affect my overall outlook on this flash too much.

My only other complaint is the lack of a preloader. Google "NG Flash Loaders," move the entire timeline up by one frame, and in the very first frame, copy and paste the preloader; there you have it, a working preloader!

Hope this helped! 4/5

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8bitNemesis responds:

Thanks alot there will definetly be a preloader in the next one and I'm going to try and step up my animation even more, this was just a first step.

Good idea, Voice acting (or grunt acting) wasnt the best but wasn't the worst. I think the end was a little to sudden though. Maybe you should have had it fade back out into another game of pong?

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8bitNemesis responds:

Thanks, due to the size we were haveing serious issues saving and keeping the flash altogether so we had to end it short, will consider this for the next one though.

A creative look at Pong that i thoroughly enjoyed

Happy Violence.

for this to be your first animation surpassed my standards by a light year.
fantastic work

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8bitNemesis responds:

Thanks that really means a lot. Hopefully we learn much more later on...like a preloader T_T

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Apr 28, 2012
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